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CNC-SA machines

11 Senna Place, Unit N°3

Killarney Gardens, Table View

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Ph: +27 (0) 218010408 e-mail:

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CNC-SA Co2 Laser Collection.

We offer after sale service and training for South Africa and some countries in middle Africa. (Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe etc.)

Delivery and Delivery time:

Please enquire, if not in stock about 6-8 weeks.

The machine will be manufactured for you, which will take about 15-25 days.
The shipping to South Africa / Cape Town need +/- 4-6 weeks.
The machine comes complete with everything necessary for the operation of equipment supplied. There will be no additional accessories required for operation.

Delivery condition:

80% payment is required with orders and the balance, before delivery.
If you are not entirely satisfied with the machine, you will receive 80% of your Money back, 50% immediately and the balance after re-selling the machine, +/ - in 3 months time.

Machine Model

Working Area

40 Watt

60 Watt

80 Watt

100 Watt

120 Watt

150 Watt











Laser making

Working Area

30 Watt

60 Watt

Co2 Lasers for advertising

The CAO-6090L Laser Engraving and Cutting System comes fully loaded with all the extra options you want...

Fully Loaded System Includes: Auto Focus, Up & Down work table , red-dot positioning, Honey Comb Table, advanced DSP control unit with USB interface, precision stepper motors, precision optics, Water chiller and much more...

Call CNC-SA machines @ +27 (0) 218040108 for more details today!

CAO-6090L 60, 80 or 100W

As a company with comprehensive sales and service, we offer the following products:

CNC Routers, Co2 Laser Engraving & Cutting machines, Plasma cutters, Vinyl cutters/plotters and so much more...   Please check

We also provide service for your own machines or other special Chinese CNC machines that require service. Cut-outs & Project designs are also available.

Various CNC-Accessories:

Water chiller, Router spindles, Co2 Laser tubes, CNC- control system; DSP-Offline, NC Studio, MPC-6535, MPC-6535, LaserCut 5.3 and Software. As well as other spare parts are available.

Please contact us RIGHT NOW

Import and sales of spare parts

Special Offer!

60, 80  & 100 Watt